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i just think it’s bitterly unfair that i’m not a fictional character


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it’s not just someone to hold you under, it needs to be someone who can pull you back. someone who has a s t r o n g connection to you. a kind of emotional tether.

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Black screen. Seal of Panem. Show over.

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"My name is Celaena Sardothien. But it makes no difference if my name's Celaena or Lillian or Bitch, because I'd still beat you, no matter what you call me"

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'Wayward Pines' Creator Tapped to Adapt 'Darkest Minds' (Exclusive)


YES! I CAN FINALLY SHARE THIS NEWS!!!!!  Chad is wonderful and The Darkest Minds is in fantastic hands.  

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isaac lahey + bright smiles.

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katniss everdeen: you will shut the fuck up and bring back my man


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MBTI asshole traits


ENFPs: Smothering little shits
INFPs: Distracted little shits
ENFJs: Manipulative little shits
INFJs: Poetic little shits
ESTJs: Psychopathic, controlling little shits
ISTJs: Boring little shits
ESFJ: Judgmental bratty little shits
ISFJs: Creepy little shits
ENTPs: Stubborn…

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YA Meme:

3/8 OTPs - Noah Shaw x Mara Dyer (“Mara Dyer Trilogy” by Michelle Hodkin)

“Have you kissed many boys before?” he asked quietly.
His question brought my mind back into focus. I raised an eyebrow. “Boys? That’s an assumption.”
Noah laughed, the sound low and husky. “Girls, then?”
"Not many girls? Or not many boys?"
"Neither," I said. Let him make of that what he would.
"How many?"
"I am taking away that word. You are no longer allowed to use it. How many?"
My cheeks flushed, but my voice was steady as I answered. “One.”
At this, Noah leaned in impossibly closer, the slender muscles in his forearm flexing as he bent his elbow to bring himself nearer to me, almost touching. I was heady with the proximity of him and grew legitimately concerned that my heart might explode. Maybe Noah wasn’t asking. Maybe I didn’t mind. I closed my eyes and felt Noah’s five o’ clock graze my jaw, and the faintest whisper of his lips at my ear.
"He was doing it wrong.” 

- Michelle Hodkin “The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer” 

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